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Frosty the No-Man: STEVE FINLEY has been traded

It is official and every fan of the team can cheer on this move.

Arrogant Piece of Trash- I mean Centerfielder Steve "Frosty" Finley has been traded to the San Francisco Giants for infielder Edgardo Alfonzo. Alfonzo is making $6 million in 2006, and is owed a $1 million installment of his initial signing bonus on January 31.

Finley will make $7 million in 2006, but if he makes 600 Plate Appearances in 2006, his $1 million buyout turns into another year at $7 million.

Thanks for pushing the eject button, Bill Stoneman. You might've saved Arte $7 million 2007 dollars.

The worst case scenario is that Robb Quinlan gets squeezed when management feels they oughtta play the salary-sapping Alfonzo more often.

The best case scenario is that if Alfonzo has any bounceback at all, he is platooning with McPherson by May.