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Halosphere Contracts

You have a day or two left to peruse the entirety of Stephen Smith's Future Angels site. He is pulling the plug on Sunday. I met Stephen at Fanfest last February. He was an enthusiastic Angels fan and a gracious gentleman. Certainly, we will see him at Angels events for many years to come.

Sean Smith beat him to the punch, shutting down Purgatory Online earlier this week. I had the pleasure of watching the Angels beat the Marlins in Anaheim with Sean and his wife this past Summer. He was a wealth of information and possesses that keen sort of eye for detail that made watching the game a much more complete experience with him offering up insightful observations at key points. Raised in the South, his father was a scout for the Angels and he stuck by his team like a true fan should. Good luck in law school, Sean.

And that makes me the longest running active Angels Blogger. Since my dreams of becoming a professional poker player were dealt a severe blow by an old geezer with 100 warts on his face and four deuces on the river this past week in Laughlin, y'all are stuck with me for the forseeable future.