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The Mets have traded for a marquee Catcher, Paul Lo Duca, thus shrinking the lucrative market for Free Agent Catchers Ramon Hernandez and Bengie Molina.

Perhaps the Angels could solve their search for a big bat by offering Bengie Molina arbitration this Wednesday. With Jeff Mathis already pencilled in as his successor behind the plate, perhaps Bengie could be the almost-exclusive DH - the rest his body receives from this would only be a positive on his performance at the plate.

If Bengie accepts arbitration and the club promotes Mathis to fulltime starting Catcher, we get a proven right handed power bat for DH at the arbitrator's price, a savings at the Catcher position with minimum wage Mathis, and Jose Molina becomes the 3rd Catcher in case Jeff cannot respond to the challenge.

It is comparable to what would have happened had we signed Mike Piazza - a good aging slow power hitter with catching experience that took its toll on his body.

Name me a better available RH power hitter out there. Look Ma, no trade, no big waste of Free Agent Dollars.