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Welcome to the Ecstasy of the After Life

I once had a blog, or should I say, she once had me?

This is a blog upgrade. It is no mere facelift. The Halofan has gone to Halos Heaven. Here at Halos Heaven, there will be chat features for all Angels games. In addition to this, the Sportsblog family has a cool feature: Diaries. Once you get involved, you can post your own entries and they will be headlined in the column to your immediate right.

So we will have a lot of traffic to this site and keep the discussion focused on the Major League Baseball Angels.

Since it is my first post, I will discuss the first game I ever attended at Anaheim Stadium. It was a day game in 1975 against the Milwaukee Brewers (they were in the American League back then). I went with Webelo Pack 903 from La Mirada. We had seats in the equivalent of the diamond club - this just would not happen these days. I remember some old lady - not an usher - telling us all to calm down and stay in our seats; and that Henry Aaron didn't play.

That is about all I recall - except at some point in the game, one kid in our Pack - the only one with an Angels hat - solved the most burning question in all of sports: Who is better, the Angels or the Dodgers? With impeccable logic he converted 8 kids to Anaheim loyalty with the simplest phrase: The Angels have Nolan Ryan. He's the best, they're the best. Although not as dramatic as St. Paul's conversion experience, it had a similar effect. In fact, when I went to opening night at Chavez Ravine the next season, it got rained out. Being only the 2nd rainout in the history of that former Brooklyn team's West Coast Stadium, I took it as a signal from God that I should not consort with leagues who let pitchers bat.

And the Angels have been a deep part of my life ever since. So welcome to Halos Heaven, introduce yourself by commenting on this post, and tell us all about the first Angel game YOU ever went to.

Hopefully, it wasn't with any of these miscreants: