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Weekend Brainscratcher

A week and a half before the Angels won the World Series, I saw Bob Dylan perform live. Now a week and a half before what we all hope is a championship season, I again saw him perform live. Ask yourself what YOU are replicating from October, 2002 to get the mojo working.
Bob was great, by the way.
Here is something to mull over and comment on...
Pick one of the following three trades and say why you would like it over the others:

  1. Trade Darin Erstad, Kevin Gregg and Chone Figgins to the Braves for John Smoltz.
  2. Trade John Lackey, Brendan Donnely and Jose Molina to Boston for Keith Foulke
  3. Trade Prospect (Jeff Mathis), Jeff DaVanon & Scot Shields to Minnesota for Joe Mauer