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Flipped out thinking about the pitching staff...

Looks like Lackey got whiplashed, throwing 70+ pitches in two innings. No good will come of this crapola.

The pitching rotation is givin' me the afeared heeebeee jeebeeze. We got:

  1. The fattest man in show biz
  2. Brett Favre the Deer Hunter
  3. Gomer Pyle getting shelled today
  4. Kelvim who pitches cuz his ma cannot spell
  5. Tommy John's older brother
A five man rotation? Sounds like Five reasons to pray for hockey.

I would like to be all happy roses and optimistic persona with a week left before the season starts, but I gotta confront these devils. Santana, Shell and Gregg are promising starters - Will the August pitching staff be Kelvim, Ervin, Kevin, Steven and the corpse of David Niven? Why fucking wait, break out the weejee board and streak around with an Oscar statuette...

With our first three games against Texas, I bet we'll be getting an extended look at this bullpen's horses. Woods and Yan and that ball is gone... But it could be worse, I recall when our staff was Witt - and THAT'S IT !