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Royal Smackdown

We got four gift runs because of a too-casual foot placement by the Royals' 2B, but we will take it.

*Kevin Gregg looked fine. If he pitches like he did tonight as a fifth starter, the occasional downed starter is less disastrous a proposition.
(Big Picture: it is all about the depth)
*Yan was surprisingly good, although a few warning track flyballs make the stomach sink.
*Prinz threw an incident-free inning, cool, rest the guys that matter.

Izturis is an exciting player, and you gotta wonder: why did we bother with Finley and Cabrera when we might have been just as fine with Maicer and Juan Rivera. That's my coulda-shoulda-woulda for the week. Vlad is human, Garret is 2-Bagger City and Finley is colder than a witches teet at midnight.

Bengie cannot block the plate. This is not good when a sinkerballer like K-Gregg is pitching. I figure we only have to putt up with this for the rest of this season, so whatevvah, but if we die in a big game down the stretch because of Big Bengie's indextrous ways, it is gonna suck and simmer all offseason. Figgy's glove will get no love from the Reverend tonight. I am seeing a bench in Chone's future when Kennedy returns.

Stoneman Moment:
Bill scores a point tonight, as Troy Glaus struck out with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th with the score tied. D-Backs lost in the 11th.