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Make Four Predictions

There is no panic or collapse to discuss here. There is a 3-3 record.
Let's make some predictions.
How will things be after 40 games, 1/4 of the season, a quarter of the way down the road?

Okay, I will start...
By May 19:
*D-Mac will have 9 homeruns and be the starting 3B, spelled on occasion by the Ice-Mouse (or come up with a better nickname), Maicer Izturis.
*A-K will be at 2B, batting 9th.
*Figgy will be the primary DH.
*Bootcheck, and Yan will be steadily usurping Shields and Donnelly

Record: 24-16, 2nd place, three games behind Texas.

Okay, now you try - make four semi bold predictions and tell us what the team record will be.
Winner gets braggin' rights for ten days, until the beginning of June.