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Just some thoughts

Looking into my crystal ball:

In one big F-You to Scott Boras, within two weeks of Jered Weaver going back into the draft, the Angels will release or trade Jarrod Washburn. They took the Appier route before.

Bootcheck takes the Deerhunter's place.

Kendry Morales arrives in August, debuts in Cucamonga.

Predicting performance is an inexact pseudoscience, and predicting injury is a fool's errand, but Erstad's hammy holds up at least through the All Star break.

Frankie, Vlad, Cabrera and G.A. named to the All Star team, Guerrero being voted as a starter. Something about Cabrera makes me think he is going to get red hot, but I been wrong before.

Figgy is on the verge of a sophmore slump. There I said it, I thought it during Spring Training but did not want to say anything, but yesterday's 0 for 5 made it all too concise and too clear that his timing's not here.

And here are the lyrics to BLANK FRANK, Frankie's unofficial theme song. You can buy it on i-tunes, definitely worth 99 cents. Are those killer lyrics about getting slaughtered by a single kid on the mound or what ?!?!?!?!?!