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Game 14 Postgame report

Thanks to Pattimelt for posting the Open thread for the game, which, save Kevin Gregg, actually showed off a pretty good team.

I am at a Kinkos typing this in, a Kinkos in La Palma. We'll be at Wednesday night's game than drive back to downtown L.A.

Beating Aaron Sele was nice, and Paul Byrd finally showed what was up in his signing. 8 innings, could have gone 9, but a great performance, gutty at times, ballsy with men on base.

I will point out that Vlad is awesome only because it becomes ubiquitous and we forget to heap on the praise. Homeboy is nails.

Erstad's foul pole homer was an inspiration, as was dallas McPherson in the lineup Tuesday night. i got the impression that Seattle packed their relief appearances on Wednesday with lefties specificially to avoid the D-Mac. Quinlan's platooning is on its 16th Warholian minute and DaVanon's exciting ability to draw Moneyball walks has disappeared and with Juan rivera showing up, well, he is a 5th outfielder who oughtta be looking over his shoulder at Curtis Pride's hot start in AAA.

Chris Bootcheck is my choice for 6th starter. I am going to make a post in the trade DaVanon diary to my right about the specifics.

Esteban Yan has surpassed all expectations, so it is time for a nickname...
Official HALO'S HEAVEN NICKNAME: Stevie Yander.