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A Rush and a Push and This Land That We Stand on is Ours

Folks, we have an Ace.
Bartolo was lights out - this is what I envisioned when they signed him 16 months ago.
Cleveland is reportedly slumping, so maybe don't wet your pants just yet.
But this shutout IS the most encouraging news of the young season.

Meanwhile the bats were asleep. Jose Molina flailing for the fences is funny sight to see, but at least he came thru, unlike goofy Jeff DaVanon. Erstad slapped a bloop Ribby into that Left Field territory his outs tend to visit so often. Figgy gave us a little breathing room with an exciting homerun into Donnie Moore's old bullpen. And Blank Frank sang one-little-two-little-three-little-Indians and it was done that quick.

The Vlad Figurine given out before the game was nice.
Heavy and solid as a plastic coated rock (when it is, in reality, merely a plastic coated wire - i saw a mangled one under a seat while exiting the stadium).
And a big thanks to stadium security for having the common sense and decency to let fans take the rather large boxes holding the figurine back to their cars (simply by holepunching their tickets). Always good to not be treated like cattle.