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A Screamer!

Nickname Basptism: Orlando Cabrera was dubbed CABFARE by Halo's Heaven member Sean, I am not certain if this is Sean's creation or the continuation of a nickname O.C. carried somewhere else, some other time, in another place, but it is now his nickname here at Halo's Heaven, in the name of the Joyner and Nolan and Lyman Bostock, Amen.

Saint Malachi Predicts: Washburn and Lackey will not be in the rotation on August 1st.

Waiting too long for Cupie's Post-Game Cool/Lame, so here goes:
Washburn? LAME
Ersty? COOL
Cabfare? COOL
Finley? Lame, but not all caps as he did hit a double
Stevie YANder? COOL
Jose Molina? COOL
Blankie Frankie? COOL
McPherson? LAME
Maicer? Cool
Garret? COOL