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Insomniac Inspirations

You've probably noticed that the Rally Monkey is never broadcast on local television coverage of Angel games. The RM makes its appearances in critical game situations as it has since 2000, but you'd never know from our broadcasts - the magic simian's jumbotron appearances are never shown nor mentioned, even when the stadium is gettting electric over the little critter.

Now with all the talk about marketing, why the hell not?

I mean, we have two broadcasters who will ramble on about any subject forever, without making a point, without being informative or entertaining, and here one of the most entertaining things about the franchise is ignored.

Oh and both FSN and KCAL show exterior shots of Angel Stadium before the games and coming back from commercials - and they were taped last season, that Percival banner at the front of the stadium being a tad obvious. What's up with skimping on five seconds of original footage?