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Woods is the Word

Jake Woods gets his first major league vicotry, and might be sent down tomorrow when Escobar returns from the Disabled List.

I got so happy that we scored three runs that I went to get something to eat, so I missed Paul Byrd's meltdown completely.

Luckily, the tri-tip sandwich had some mojo basted on to it and a series of serious hits and stolen bases brought the lead back outr way. An error by the Green Weenies led two extra runs and the good guys won 9-5.

My bet is that Boootcheck gets sent down, although the need to have a fresh arm in tthe pen might warrant sending Woods down. My vote is for Kevin Gregg or John Lackey, but I think they would get claimed on the waiver wire. hmmmmm, all the more reason.

Update [2005-4-24 4:4:26 by Rev Halofan]: Yep, they sent Bootcheck to Salt Lake. See ya soon, Chris!