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?Pray for Rain?

Looks like a little rain in the forecast in New York. Perhaps they will get rained out on Wednesday. If so, I assume a doubleheader or day-off game later in the year is the likely solution. This could be a good thing as the Yankees are an old team, and they have no reliable young bodies to definitively replace the creaky old ones that are pacing themselves through the early part of the season.

If we play them in August, there is a good probability that we will not be playing this April's team. The likelihood of August's Bronx team being worse than the current NYA squad is high.

The downside is that later in the season, we may be more tired than we are now and ill-equipped to face any Yankee squad in a road doubleheder. The upside is we could skip Lackey's turn in the rotation this week.

Update [2005-4-26 2:47:50 by Rev Halofan]: So it looks like Wednesday's rain in New York will tail off around game time, worst case scenario is they start the game late. Okay that is the 2nd WCS, the first being a terrorist attack of epic proportions on New York City. Would I be in Gunatanamo Bay If I had jokingly written that into a game preview on September 10, 2001... ?