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Los Angeles / Anaheim Baseball Needs to Go Fishing

So there is one player missing from this lineup the Angels are truly missing.

The one thing we could use is a player with a career average 1.000+ OPS, someone who's averaged 25 - 30 homers a season.

This team misses TIM SALMON. Percy was old, Glaus fragile, Eckstein limited. But if Righty Salmon were healthy and simply DHing, batting 5th behind Lefty Garret (followed L-R-L-R by Frosty, Cabfare, D-Mac and J/B Molina), this team would certainly be scoring more runs.

Perhaps Juan Rivera would fit into this mold (although his lifetime slugging average is 100+ points less than Tim's), but it is certain that we are not getting the production from the DH spot that the Kingfish would inevitably deliver. Even the most obstinate Jeff DaVanon supporter is forced to admit the suckitude he has been these first 19 games.

We need some sticks in this lineup (and some of the sticks to wake up). Otherwise, things are swell.

[editor's note, by Rev Halofan] ... slight correction ... Tim's lifetime OPS is .886, 75th all-time in Baseball History and 27th among active players. The OPS 1.000+ is from a line of his career high (1995) which I saw and thought was the career line.