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NY Yankees Bandwagon Loses A-Rod Jeerer

10 Ways to Look at the Bright Side

  1. We are 11-9, in 2002 we were 6-14 after 20 games.
  2. We have won more World Championships than the Spankees this century.
  3. Alex Frontrunner's glove saved at least two runs early. The whole game is different at that point if he doesn't make web gems.
  4. Figgy's glove cost us four or five runs. Kennedy is close.
  5. A different ump with a strike zone that included the black of the plate (like it is supposed to be) would have put four of the Yankee baserunners that scored early on the bench.
  6. Jeter will have to read all about Alex Frontrunner in the papers tomorrow.
  7. Jake Woods looked good.
  8. Kevin Gregg solidified his role as White Flag of Surrender.
  9. The part of the bullpen that matters is really rested now, and we play Minenesota three straight after this.
  10. Steve Physioc deepthroated Alex's Rodriguez, definitively showing his true colors. I bet PhizzyTalk is secretly a die-hard Yankee fan like Angels VP John Carpino. I am writing letters to the sponsors telling them I mute my televison, don't bother advertising until they Dump motormouth Steve.