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G.A. all the way

It took a gift from a worn out old Moose, but Garret Anderson may have found his powerstroke again.
But his 1st inning Outfield Assist set the tone early.

This game had a little of everything, including a stolen base by Jose Molina and a clutch strikeout by Jeff DaVanon (oh wait, that's every game).
Hey stathedz defenders of Jeff DoNuthin, what is Jeff's VORP at the moment? What about his DIPS BABIP? Is he leading the team in OPS or just shouting OH PISS everytime he sucks the life out of an inning? No such thing as a clutch hitter, but Jeffo sure is clutch for the laundry pile on every mound he faces.

Oh, and Frosty Finley is out of the Good Reverend's doghouse with his Adam Kennedy-like uppercut Homerun. And Figgy's D was sweet today, helped turn a few Double Plays.