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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim GAME # 23/162 for the 2005 Season


Thursday, April 27, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Minnesota Senator Twins of Washington

5:10 pm start time. TV: Effessin

Silva (R) versus Byrd (R).

Silva is a pitcher who gives up a lot of hits but not a lot of runs, so don't wet your pants when there is one on and one out. Byrd is just plain freakin' weird from his windup to that goofy face of his.

The Angels had to fly from the East Coast to the Midwest after the game, so maybe they are all draggin', but maybe they are just rockin'

I took the city 'bout one A.M, loaded, loaded
I'm all geared up to score again, loaded, loaded
I come alive in the neon light
That's when I make my moves right
Living after midnight, rockin' to the dawn
Lovin' 'til the morning, then I'm gone, I'm gone