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Links Gone Wild

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The Halosphere is alight in awesome reading.
First, this account of the Minnesota giveaway game has hilarious links, and a suggested lienup I could go for:
2B - Figgins
CF - Finley
RF - Guerrero
LF - Anderson
DH - Rivera
3B - McPherson
C - Molinas/Paul
SS - Cabrera
1B - Erstad

But wait there's more...
Blackhawk Waterloo presents his astounding chronicle of the 1995 team:
PART 1 A New Hope
Part Two Autry's Empire Spikes Up
Part Three Revenge of (not signing) the Joyner.

And Sean Purgatory's April 28th entry has a fantastic new method of calculating On Base Percentage, by adding a little decimal action for every Stolen Base. This decimates the Oakland school of wanking off to walks and balances the OBP stat with the overrated Sluggin percentage (which does not calculate for outs made stretching Doubles into Triples, Singles into Doubles, or any other baserunning buffoonery).