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Tuesday Game RECAP

Here is the BOX SCORE for it.

So Erstad opened the game with a walk and then DaVanon grounds into a 4-6-3 double play. But before we can laugh at the StatSnobs' universe being turned on its head, Vlad hits the first pitch he sees into the fourth row of section 239.

Colon labors but is effective against the fearsome Texas lineup of hammers.

The offense goes to sleep for 6 straight innings but Quinlan wakes it up, is replaced for a pinch runner Maicer Izturis who promptly scores a run before he ever gets an official at-bat as an Angel. That happened with Figgy in '02 as I recall. Anderson gets an outfield assist and also made one great catch (and a few very good ones).

Holding Texas to two runs is not luck. Shields looked fine and still got gacked by Mark Texarhea. Frankie was sublime. Some crackhead in the row in front of me was whining that they should be playing heavy metal music upon Frankie's entrance, instead of the upbeat cumbia he had going. Yo, retrograde idiot: la musica worked!