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Stinker in Anaheim

Don't let the ass-kissing Rex Hudler fool you:
The Angels' defense is adequate, average, but nothing stellar, not at all interesting, hardly dynamic.

Don't let the inane Steve Physioc confuse you:
Kansas City's pitcher was throwing an average fastball and an above average curveball in a pattern that should have led to much more offense than the Angels garnered tonight

Perhaps Kansas City was just pumped and primed and we were flat and expectant; maybe KC is a better team than the prognosticators foretold - that is always nice, the clarity of hindsight wound tight into a wet towel of certainty, slapping some nerd sportsblogger on back of the neck when his nonsensensical blatherings masquerading as proof are rendered into humiliating evidence against his competence.

Paul Byrd looked okay, our defense was subpar, our hitters looked tired.
At least Garret was on the ball.
Vlad looked almost comical flailing at his countryman's pitches.
(how many times were we reminded they were from the same island? how about twice per pitch, stupid Physioc).
I hope this game was an aberration. At least the core of the bullpen got rested.