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April Record: 13-11

Should Be: 15-9

Games we should have won but lost: 4

Games we should have lost but won: 2

Position player of the month: Chone Figgins

Starting Pitcher of the month: Jarrod Washburn

Relief Pitcher of the month: Jake Woods

Chump of the month: Steve Finley

Best managerial move: Moving Figgy from 9th to 2nd in the batting order

Worst managerial move: Steve Finley batting 5th

Schaudenfreude moment: beating Aaron Sele

Best broadcasting moment: Bobby Grich visiting the booth

Worst broadcasting moment: Steve Physioc's compulsion to recount games that we are not watching during the action of the game we are watching.

Best Halo's Heaven moment: Sean nicknaming Orlando Cabrera CABFARE.

Worst Halo's Heaven moment: Besides Rob Halford, Reverend Halofan appearing on the Angel Stadium jumbotron.