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The Absence of Offense in Anaheim

The worst home plate umpiring of the season.
Angel Hernandez threw out Cleveland manager Eric Wedge - I wish he had just thrown us all out of the stadium, I could have gone and done something else.

All of the hitting so far (four games) on this homestand:
Jose Molina : a double Monday, a base hit Sunday
Chone Figgins : a base hit Monday
Vladimir Guerrero : an infield single Sunday, a base hit Saturday
Robb Quinlan : a solo homerun Sunday (1 RBI)
Steve Finley : a base hit Saturday
Darin Erstad : a base hit Saturday, two singles on Friday
Adam Kennedy : a base hit Saturday
Dallas McPherson : a solo homerun Saturday (1 RBI)
Garret Anderson : an infield dribbler that never rolled foul (ruled a base hit) and a single on Friday (1 RBI)
Juan Rivera : a single on Friday
Steve Finley : a double and a triple on Friday (3 RBI)

2 hits tonight, 2 runs in 27 innings, 6 runs in 36 innings, this is just unnacceptable. At least Texas, Oakland and Seattle lost.

In other news, Matt Hensley went under the knife today. Also, Lackey pitched damn good tonght. Millwood got some ridiculous calls from Angel talk to my bookie Hernandez, but clearly dominated. In the end, all you can do is barf. I will go do that now, goodnight.