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Still in First by a game and a half.

Paul Byrd only threw a few pitches and made it through 7 shutout innings. In one inning, he threw four pitches total.
Donnelly had an interesting inning ugh.
Shields slammed the door while Frankie watched, awaiting his MRI results.

Without advocating Erstad as a leadoff hitter, let's just say the Figgy Batting First experiment has been a mild handicap on the team. Meanwhile Vlad was actually a little selective (for Vlad) with the pitches at which he swung, Garret was clutch (if you believe in that sort of voodoo), and Erstad made it around the bases a few times.

Figgy's glove is probably best risked in Centerfield, and that is saying a lot as Quinlan decompensates at the hot corner with every appearance. Cabrera is a gem on the field, with as much range and speed at getting rid of the ball as I ever recall in an Angels uniform and that includes Rick Burleson. Garret, by the way, has improved immensely in Left.