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An infuriating loss

When I asked out loud why the hell they brought in Esteban Yan with the game tied, my girlfriend pointed out that they would have had to score a run to win the game no matter who had pitched that frame, so it probably didn't matter, we were not going to score a run.

Well I don't know if i would walk five hundred miles, but I drove just a bit under that to attend this game (left Reno at 10 a.m., made it to the Stadium in time to hear the National Anthem from the parking lot), making the loss all the more unpleasant.

Bartolo Colon pitched well and we held the best team in baseball (record-wise) to two runs, but it wasn't enough. There is no kick to the sticks. The gloves looked great and the arms were there, but the bats were not and we are only one game ahead of Texas in the standings.