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Lotsa Roster Moves

  1. Frankie got put on the DL after 8 days of inactivity
  2. Kevin Gregg got sent to the minors
Two relievers down, two relievers up:
Joel Pealta and Chris Bootcheck are in the Angels bullpen.

For Peralta to be added to the roster, Outfielder Chris Prieto had to go into the Waiver Wire - any team could claim him.
I think Kevin White Flag has to go thru these as well, but nobody would touch him right now with a ten foot pole.

So hopefullythis forearm strain fo Frankie's is nothing more, and that will add to the good news that Vladdie will be back affter his 15 days on the DL are done as his MRI showed no damage beyond the partial dislocation. Maybe a little rest will be good for Guerrero.