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Dallas McPherson homer decides LA Angels oA victory over KC Royals

While we still have some terrible weaknesses offensively, this sloppy slapdash victory was one of the best steps forward the team could have taken. Garret letting the ball get by him in the 8th inning was the lowest point of this entire season. The bounce back was quick and hopefully inspirational.

We would have spent our first night away form the warmth of first place had the chaos not conspired in our favor.

Okay, with those pleasantries and formalities out of the way, let's get real - Paul Byrd doesn't fool any batter after twice thru the lineup, Esteban Yan needs to be waived immediately (on Tuesday, when Frankie returns), Steve Finley has no business batting 3rd outside of an old-timers game and Jake Wood should be considered a setup man on par with Brendan Donnelly.

yeswecan correctly guessed (excuse me, predicted) 12 hits for the Angels, so he has 1 point in our new quasi-gambling feature.