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WEEKEND WRAPUP: Not as it appears

Up until today i would have said that our only all-stars on this team were Shields and Colon - now I'm scratchin' my head thinking that Jose Molina might be closest thing to clutch we will see for a while.

We could have easily had another (see early April) 1-2 home series against the KC Royals. We had to mount the biggest 9th inning comeback of the Moreno era to win one game and Scot "Cinderella Man" Shields was less than a glass slipper away from blowing a game that his partner in crime, "Thunder" Donnelly, had royally ganked in relief of "Almost-Ace" Colon.

There are still deep holes in our Vlad-free lineup and our Frankie-free pen. I've followed this team too closely to assume that any start by our starters will be trouble free. There are no gimmees and Team Rojo y Halo is hitting the road for two solid weeks of top-tier opponents.

Prior to the game i watched Frankie play catch with Kelvim Escobar and they both tossed the sphere around at distances well beyond 60 feet 6 inches. For what it is worth, they looked fine and both were smiling.