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Best in the West v. Best in Baseball

Make this the 2nd game the Angels have lost due to the disabled list appearance of Francisco Rodriguez.

Rubber arm or not, Scot Shields is overworked.

Despite a frustrating call by Mike Scioscia for Juan Rivera to bunt with 2 on and nobody out in the 2nd inning, Rivera's inability to execute (popping out) killed a possible early rally. Steve Finley kept us in the game early but struck out badly with the bases loaded when we could have used a bunch of insurance. Meanwhile, earlier in the game, a windy city advantage turned a sure-homer by Orlando Cabrera into a warning track flyout.

The game only went as long as it did because of an error by the previously perfect Chicago 2B, Iguchi, so the gift runs backfired. It was nice to see the bench shine, it would have been nicer to win, but we are taxed with two key components on the DL and a tired bullpen and you can only expect so many miracles.

Washburn was sloppy as all hell, but battled. Peralta was fabulous and I can see him soon supplanting Thunder Donnelly from the pre-Shields bullpen slot.