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The problem is YOU...

...or me, as i realized that I have been so intent on the Angels maintaining first place for the entire season that I am losing sight of both the big picture and the nuances - The Oakland Green Weenies were in First Place almost every day last season, but they were not in first on the day that it mattered most! So in the microcosm, right now the Angels are not playing well, but they're 6-4 in their past ten games without Vladimir Guerrero.

There is a little negativity creeping into things among us fans and we're just going to have to be patient. I am more concerned with random strategy like Scioscia wanting to bunt with two on and nobody out (with a non-bunter at the plate) and Jose Molina preaching productive outs to us chicos than I am worried about Buck Showalter's Texas Mullet. Looks like Oakland and Seattle are pretty shot. Stoneman just made Scott Boras blink, so I am confident he will be prudent with what he trades away for any batting help we might need.

Frankie is back soon, Vlad will at least be rested and not mid-season banged-up when he returns in two weeks, so the overall outlook on this club must be one of optimism.