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Pop -n- Slap

I like a lineup with a little pop and a lot of slap - I think if everyone else in Major League Baseball is coming down off the juice that we can pressure their inadequate defense and cause non-roid rage.

Other than Alex Rodriguez and that nasty frickin' Minneapolis carpet of St. Paul, the Angels have played superbly. If Frosty Finley is waking up, we are headed in the right direction - he is a no-range Centerfielder though.

Consider these injuries: Bengie, Izturis, Hensley, Prinz, Merloni (not to mention a month without Kennedy and a season without Salmon) - while not the core of a starting lineup, an indicator of the great depth this team has. The starting pitching has been stellar and we are 16 - 11. So far, so good, let's kick Aaron Sele's ass Wednesday.