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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 28/162

Angels at Mariners ... Byrd vs. Sele ... 3:35 pm, TV: Murdoch

Will we win a FOURTH consecutive game for the first time this season?

Garret Anderson needs FOUR total bases to surpass Tim Salmon for all time franchise leader

I'm posting this thread now because tomorrow looks awfully busy - gonna miss the weird-starting afternoon game as my girlfriend and me are leaving to pick up my brother to take him to the Dodger game tonight for his birthday. If you watch the Dodger Game tonight, I will be sitting front row behind the Dodger dugout. My girlfriend is going to wear her Red Jose Guillen Angels shirt. I'm thinking police escort by the third inning...

Evolution is a process too slow to save my soul
But I've got this creature on my back, and it just won't let go

If I am only an animal then I can do no wrong
But they say I'm something better, so I've gotta hold on