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Pink Stink

It took the Detroit Tigers to expose a few facts about the 2005 Angels:

  1. Rattle the starting pitching and you have a chance.
  2. Pressure the defense and you have a chance.
  3. Bunt and run.
  4. Send in a lefty to pitch and a righty to bat.
The Angels strength on offense is their glaring weakness on defense.

Meanwhile, Texas is heating up as Soriano has been moved to the 5 spot and is making Buck Showoff look like a genius.

Vlad is slumping, Garret's freeswinging exacerbates it, Cabrera's glove is outweighing his bat by a factor of 12,000 to 1 and we have no bench !

...and now I will simply turn it over to an esteemed colleague of the Halosphere, Richard Pearlygates, for the final discussion on today's game... CLICK HERE.