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Back in First Place

If we are going to make every game that dramatic, could it at least be after we are ten games ahead of anyone else in our division? This game had a lot of drama, including coming within two feet from our third consecutive walk-off bullpen meltdown - and it would have been by 3 separate pitchers.

Frankie was rusty. Donnelly is spent fuel. Shields bounced back in fantastic manner, retreating to that anonymous opening act that makes celebrity crowd-pleasers out of closers

D.Mak is carrying quite the load these days.

Starting Pitching:
Let's talk about Paul Byrd: It is a good thing we signed Jered Weaver.

Looking Ahead:
After an off-day tomorrow, we play 3 weekend games at Fenway Park. Boston got beaten tonight and had to use a lot of pitchers. Plus they play a day game tomorrow against Baltimore and I hope they have to use a lot of pitchers in that one. Texas plays Detroit tomorrow, so we will be a half game ahead or behind the Arlington Showalters when play begins Friday.