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We are beginning to see evidence that:

  1. Donnelly is not necessarily any better than Bootcheck, Woods, and Peralta.
  2. Santana is at least as good as three, maybe four of our starting pitchers (4.5 if Bad Bartolo counts).
And we can therefore infer that...

Barring a Yan-type meltdown on the part of Brendan, I would say he is the likeliest player to be traded, followed closely by Jarrod Washburn. These two are the most expendable (after Yan, Josh Paul, DaVanon, Quinlan and Rivera) but also the likeliest to bring a good return on the trade.

Then of course, there is the minor league system bursting with talent. Scott Dunn, for example, would be in 20 major league bullpens.

So I am not freaking out about being one game behind the Arlington Showalters. In fact, now the dugout brain trust cannot hide behind the "proof is in the pudding" defense, pointing to our comfortable position in 1st place.

LET THE HALOSPHERE BE EMBOLDENED! Let no Stoneman go unturned!