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Road Trip From Hell is over

Angels went 6-6 on their longest roadtrip of the season.
The bullpen was 2-5 with 4 blown saves.
Adam Kennedy and Darin Erstad hit great.
Garret surpassed Tim Salmon for franchise RBI leader.
Vladimir Guerrero healed.
Kelvim Escobar got a cortisone shot.
Frankie agreed to never ever pitch outside of an Angels uniform again.
The Angel pitchers are done batting.

The Angels are home for two weeks.
They're getting the home cookin', the kid huggin' and the wife lovin' tonight.
Go easy on them ladies, we need someone to not be weak-kneed while facing baseball's hottest team, the Washington Nationals of Montreal.

Note for the future: Spring training is nine months away - after tonight, will anything else be delivered March 12?