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Frank Robinson pisses on Ervin Santana's parade

Being at the game tonight was like going to a Double Header - the first game was great, Santana was awesome, the second game was a nightmare, with an evil Jose Guillen exacting revenge.

Actually, the Angels had numerous opportunities against Livan Hernandez and stranded many batters, I lost count at 9 of them.

Of course, they give you NO information as to what happened (I kinda guessed) when you are in attendance. Donnelly comes in and then he goes out, and the benches have cleared and it isn't pretty. That's all.

This is a game we most definitely should have won. The only solace we can takeis twofold:
(1.) Texas lost
(2.) Better that we lose to Livan Hernandez' team this game then the previous game he pitched in Anaheim.