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Jeff "Double Nickle" DaVanon drives it in.

You can always talk about the games we should have won, but this was one of those games where we should have lost.

But we pulled it out, a win is a win, we are 10 games over .500, a game and a half in first place and we did it with decrepit Steve Finley batting 5th.

A tip of this sinner's Halo to Jeff DaVannon, I gave him loads of shit on my blogs over the years, but Double-Nickle did it for us tonight.

In the bottom of the 11th, Jeff fouled off a few pitches before driving one to Right Center, splitting the oufieders and scoring Vlad from 2nd base.
The fielders knew it was over and just jogged on in, the ball left out on the warning track, alone, having been put perfectly in its place, it stayed there.

Washburn pitched great, Donnelly got an ovation and Scott Boras stayed in his dugout seats through the final play.