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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 68/162


Marlins at Angels ... Leiter V. Santana ... 1:05 pm on Effessen

Paul Byrd is a little achy in his thigh (but Mrs. Byrd is not complainin'), so Ervin Santana pitches - remember him, they took him out of the game with the lead on Tuesday, brought in Brendan Donnelly and all hell broke loose?

Anyway, Santana will be pitching on his normal rest and facing a veteran lefty (sounds like I am talking about Ed Asner, eh?) who is a better play-by-play announcer than Rex or Steve.

It is probably better for Santana to have his confidence boosted facing a difficult but not insurmountable offense like Florida's rather than the imposing Mullets of the Texas Jarheads - although he is now lined up to pitch Saturday against the punchless Dodgers in Anaheim and then IN Texas at the end of the month.

My Runs/Hits Pix: LAA: 6-13, FLA 2-5

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