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NOTES from a day off

I cut Brendan Donnelly from one of my fantasy teams.
Casey Kotchman is being auditioned for a trade, because here comes Kendry Morales.

My bullpen order (based on who we have now):
Closer: Frankie
Setup: Shields
7th inn. w/a lead, 8th w/a tie, 9th down by 1: Peralta
6th inn. w/a lead, 7th w/a tie, 8th down by 1: Donnelly
Slightly ahead or slightly behind in the 6th or 7th: Woods
Mop up: Yan
Maybe Wasburn tanks it big time Sunday (his ignomity at Fenway shall neigh be discussed here) and they cut Yan, move Jarrod to the bullpen and call up Santana, then they trade Byrd and call up Bootcheck, then they trade Washburn and call up Kevin Gregg to assume the mop.

Pitchers Stoneman can trade and we should promise not to give him shit about it even if they go on to win the Cy Young Award with Oakland:
1. Scott Dunn
2. Dusty Bergman
3. Kevin Gregg (make that #1)
3. Greg Jones (is he still on the Earth?)
4. Jarrod Washburn
5. Esteban Yan
6. Paul Byrd
7. Tim Bittner
8. Brendan Donnelly
9. Steve Green (did he ever get that arm transplant?)
10. Matt Hensley (on Day 61)

The best food value at Angel Stadium is the three tacos at the Angelitos Mexican Food stand behind Right Field. The lines are ridiculous, though, but after the 6th inning, you can pretty much walk in and out during one batter.