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Looking Ahead to the Boston Red Sox Series

Escobar faces Wells on Friday
(Juan Rivera versus the Green Monster)

Colon against Arroyo on Saturday
(let's see a D.Mak smack to Permy BraceFace)

Washburn vs. Wade Reclamation Miller on Sunday
(People drafted David Ortiz for their fantasy teams solely for this game, we're screwed)

A 4 p.m. game, then a 10 a.m. game on Fox and then a Sunday morning 11 a.m. game.

I've got a rant for all the East Coast whiners who piss and moan about the late start times of postseason games: This night owl laughs at your bratty kid staying up late and then flunking out of prep school out of loyalty to his stupid Eastern Seaboard team, which is a well-paid grouping of So Cal surfers, Dominican studs and Texas hicks anyway.