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No more platoons, Mike, PLEASE...

Mike Scioscia is just too damn in love with Chone Figgins. We went through this in 2002 - Adam Kennedy is not a platoon player. I don't see any reason to platoon Juan Rivera. How can the Dallas McPherson grow-ta-be-a-man scenario work if he is being benched for two of every three games against a lefty starter?

Scioscia is improvising, his lineups seem impulsive. Just give Figgins Left Field, DH Garret for the remainder of the season and hand Juan Rivera over to Stoneman as trade bait. Curtis Pride and Jeff DaVanon are serviceable fourth outfielders.

It is kind of depressing wondering what-if during a game because the Angel players that should be out there making a difference are not.

Hopefully after today's game, Escobar gets his elbow surgery. As in, tomorrow...