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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 72/162


Chavez Ravine Landgrabbers of Brooklyn vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ... Jeff Weaver vs. John Lackey ... 7:05 p.m. on Kaycow

So if you could pick one team in baseball to play against this weekend, the 2-8 in their last ten games Dodgers should make your shortlist.

While the Dodgers are not a pushover, they remind me of the late-season 2003 Angels squad, where you had more guys who started the season at Triple A in the lineup than you had veterans of that opening day.

Weaver has fallen victim to the big inning a few times this season, so it will be up to us to get those runs in bunches.

Lackey has been as solid a starter as we have and is tailor-made for the tye of lineup that Team McCourt fields presently: desperate to stay on the major league roster, they will flail at breaking pitches in the hopes that the fastball they saw from the on-deck circle will again materialize.

And best of all the Angels announcers are on tonight's televison broadcast, meaning Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler will sound so insipidly retarded to Dodger fans that the San Fernando Valley Mullets will writhe in agony and scream in vain for a well-paced sentence or a well-placed comment.
Ha ha ha ha, Bad fans, no Vinnie... bad fans, no Vinnie... Talk about inhumane torture.

My Runs/Hits Pix: LAA: 8 runs, 17 hits, BKN: 2 runs, 11 hits.

She had to leave
Los Angeles.
She found it hard to say goodbye to her own best friend.
She bought a clock on Hollywood Boulevard the day she left,
it felt sad.