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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Game 73/162


Chavez Ravine Landgrabbers of Brooklyn vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ... Brad Penny vs. Ervin Santana
7:05 p.m. on Fox Sports West if you want a professional announcing broadcast; otherwise, it is on the Kaycow-9 with Steve Talksalot and his stoner sidekick, the really insightful, really good Rex Hudler, the etch-a-sketch operator.

Dodger pitcher Brad Penny is not in the painful bicep-grabbing death grip and is actually just about the Dodgers' best pitcher, an actual coup for GM Paul DeProstate to have acquired.

On the Halo side of the mound, will Angel fans get Daytime Santana or Evening Magic? Check the splits, with the lights out, he's less dangerous...

My Runs/Hits Pix: LAA: 5 runs, 9 hits, BKN: 2 runs, 8 hits.

I used to dream and I used to vow
I wouldn't dream of it now
We look to Los Angeles
For the language we use