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Congratulations to Garret Anderson on career RBI #1,000

So this has been an impressive six game winning streak.

We have excellent starting pitching and great relief - look around the majors at other teams for five minutes and the stats will scare the bejeezuhs out of you.

It was great for Garret to get the 1,000th career RBI in front of the home crowd because...
(A) It reinforces tradition, establishing an historical continuum and
(B) It was rubbed in the face of the sizable Dodger contingent that our players are making history NOW and finally
(C) It shows we care, and you cannot quantify that ina statistical manner, but nobody anywhere can dismiss the fans of this franchise as anything less than into their team.

DaVannon dragged victory close to the precipice of defeat with his nose-protecting fear of a simple flyabll to right field int he 9th, but we managed.