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1st place, 7.5 games ahead, 17 games over .500

A blowout is always fun, especially as it rests the bullpen, but there were were a few things popping into my peabrain tonight:

Juan Rivera is not a platoon player and should be starting more often.

Jeff DaVannon cannot play Centerfield.

Maicer Izturis could just be hot right now, or he could just be an everyday player - his glove may be the best on the team, his throwing arm is tops and his bat goes pull, slap and up the middle.

We got three RBIs via the double play. This stinks. It is masked by the blowout, but it still stinks. Remember that lysol commercial about how some bathroom sprays only mask germs? The blowout was like those sprays - it masks the odors of three double plays, but there is a stench around, lingering.

Kennedy's HR would have been a double off the wall in Anaheim, Vlad's as well.

Of our missing players, Escobar is our best injured guy, but Bengie is the one we need back the most. Jose Molina and Josh Paul are more extreme fall-offs from Bengie than any other bench players are in their respective roles.

I got a little nervous when they mentioned the last time the Angels held a 7.5 game lead was in August of that fateful hellhole of a year, 1995. Let's just say Heebie was calling up Jeebie to see if they should get together.