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Buck Showalter pitches aroud Vladimir Guerrero...

Tonight's game showed some of our team's greatest strengths.

The defense was superb. Adam Kennedy gets the gold glove this season, just run a perfunctory vote now and hand him the hardware.

I had been dogging Figgins after he fell asleep on the basepaths but was screaming ALL IS FORGIVEN when he made the amazing stab on the chalk of a certain Soriano double, and then threw the guy out. When you look at Shields' ERA, the D of this infield shaves a good run and a half off it.

In tight situations, I always equate Garret with Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. the opposing pitcher looks in and sneers mister anderson... and #16 goes right into shitkicking mode.

Washburn pitched an hellacious game against a slumping but always ready-to-explode Texas lineup. Funny that Donnelly keeps getting these wins. He has 2 more than Jarrod on the season so far.

Shields, Donnelly and Frankie showed what we are all about, and Scioscia using them tonight showed he is serious about winning every game.

We have a big division lead that this team has earned. Let's not fall asleep on this.

Oh, and someone tell Buck Showalter that Ryan Drese was the winning pitcher tonight for the Nationals...