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Brendan Donnelly lost this game for us.
The bullpen is not the strength it was a week ago.
Hopefully this is a rough patch that goes away smoothly soon.

If this is an indication of a long-term trend, say hello to fighting Oakland for third place and keeping the season record abvove .500

Damn the irony of the bats warrming up in time for the pen to tank.

{UPDATE}Texas lost to KC, 2-1 in Kansas City. Whew!

All of the postgame interviews had Shields talking upbeat, like it was rolling off already - no word from Donnelly, though.
A hopeful quote: "Brendan and Scot have been there all year for us. They hit a little bump in the road here the last outing or two, but they'll bounce back.'' ...Mike Scioscia

{UPDATE}Watched highights of game 6 & 7 of the 2002 World Series, feel much better.