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Happy Birthday Darin, Congrats Garret...

A great game despite some painful moments

You can read a recap anywhere, but as a longtime Angel Fan, watching Garret break Tim Salmon's franchise RBI record to put the team ahead at Fenway Park was a special, exciting moment. Garret takes a ton of flack for swinging at first pitches and popping up, for what appears to be lazy defense (but when it works is magic zen skill), but on the decline or the rebound, this guy is the Angels and has carried the team many more times than any other player.

Meanwhile, Erstad turns 31, goes three for six with four Ribbys, has two runs scored and steals his third base of the season.

Note to Scioscia: Figgins should never be allowed to play right Field ever again as long as you manage him.

Final in Boston:
LAA 13-17
BOS 06-11

yeswecan: 5
REV: 4
Wise&Eck: 3
Sean: 2
Chompo: 2
cupie: 1

Forget Toyota's Ninth Hit Online, you can pick the Angels Runs and Hits (and those of their opponents) before each game and get a shout-out from the Reverend Halofan when you are right. Each corret pick gets you a point toward being in the Angel Fan Hall of Fame.